Welcome to United Medical and Aesthetics providing Personalized Laser Skin Care and Anti-aging Treatments

United Medical and Aesthetics offers highly personalized aesthetic and medical care using the best laser therapies the country offers all under one roof by a Physician Assistant; top of the line skin care companies, including, Obagi, EltaMD, Revision, and Theraderm, as well as FDA approved injectables, Botox, Xeomin, Dysport, Jeuveau, Restylane, Allergan, and Prollenium, products. All products are bought, sold and delivered, from the United States. No monkey business here. We strive to reach optimal result by combining scientifically proven medical therapies, and novel anti-aging therapies, hence the slogan “Where Medicine Meets beauty”.

Aleta Sloan PA-C combines her knowledge obtained through treating thousands of patients during her Emergency Room, Internal Medicine, & Cardiology career over the last 30 years of practice to each patient and their personalized treatments. Aleta is known for her extensive training in injectables and lasers. She was nicknamed the Laser Queen shortly after arriving in Wilmington and quickly stood out for her incredible results and raving patients’ Google reviews. She is leading the way for skin quality like no other and implementing her 30 years as a Physician Assistant with her medical aesthetics to avoid over-utilizing fillers and producing truly natural results. Our pillars are Safety, Results, and Education. The latter allows UM&A to continue to provide the safest, most effective lasers and injectables in the country to our patients.

What services are available?

At United Medical and Aesthetics, we offer a wide selection of services for patients in the Wilmington, North Carolina area to consider. That includes the following services:

The combination of medicine and science allows us to provide proven technologies too optimise the treatments to get the best results for our patients.  

Which treatments are right for me?

We know that every patient is unique, and we believe that customized treatments are the best approach to improving the skin’s appearance, beauty, and overall health. We invite patients to visit our practice for a consultation appointment with Aleta Sloan PA-C  to discuss treatment options available and how they compare in regards to efficacy, result, and cost to the modalities offered in Wilmington. She can make recommendations based on the goals of the patient, and what she feels will give you the best results inline with your budget.  Having nine lasers, she also can combine specific procedures for dramatic,  faster, and longer-lasting results.

How do I learn more about the services at United Medical and Aesthetics?

Wilmington, NC, area patients who are ready to visit a veteran to ask about anti-aging treatments, skin-improving therapies, injections, or our nine top platforming  aesthetic lasers  are invited to call our practice. We are conveniently located at 1908 Eastwood Road, Suite #218, and accept new and returning patients to our facility. Call (910) 226-0355 to request a consultation visit to discuss your needs.

Where medicine meets beauty – meet Aleta Sloan, the face behind United Medical and Aesthetics.

My name is Aleta Sloan and I am the owner and PA at United Medical and Aesthetics. I perform all your laser and injectable treatments. Not only do I use all of our lasers, I perform our neurotoxins, our Nordlys IPL and Frax system and my CO2 machine and we offer several skin care lines.
My slogan is ‘Where medicine meets beauty’, I take 30 years of medical experience, and I apply everything that I have learnt to taking care of you, my patient. I approach every patient not just with fillers and lasers but a more in-depth approach from the inside out, such as what do you need to eat for beautiful skin, what supplements do you need to take, what topicals truly work, and what procedures work best for my patients. My favorite part of my job is seeing my patients happy with their results. If you are interested in changing the needle on your skin care goals, please give us a call at United Medical and Aesthetics.

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Meet Aleta Sloan, founder, owner, and chief practitioner for United Medical and Aesthetics. She attended PA school in Baltimore Maryland after obtaining her Bachelors of Science at McDaniel College, formerly known as Western Maryland College, in 1989. She graduated from one of the original PA programs in the country and at the age of 23 and became the first PA in Eastern NC. She has maintained her privileges at Carolina East Medical Center for 30 years and has committed herself to serve her community in Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Cardiology.

With her love and passion for real food, running, and believing in her heart that it is better to pay the grocer than the doctor, she feels compelled to help anyone who crosses her path. Aleta’s Training in Internal Medicine, Cardiology, and Aesthetics are uniquely fashioned for you to feel empowered, healthy, and educated so you can achieve your goals.

Aleta Sloan

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As a national trainer aesthetics veteran, and a seriously trained injector, Aleta Sloan PA-C and Constance Hall FNP-C offer public guidance and serious foundational aesthetic knowledge to help you make the best aesthetic choices.

Stay tuned for more episodes and lighter conversation as we seek to answer ALL of your aesthetic questions — for medical providers, business owners, and client perspectives.

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