How Virtue RF Microneedling Can Improve the Skin’s Appearance

Radiofrequency microneedling is a growing field of aesthetics that is gaining popularity for many reasons. Both men and women find that this combination of radiofrequency energy and traditional microneedling can rejuvenate the skin safely and dramatically. At United Medical and Aesthetics of Wilmington, North Carolina, our team is here to educate you on the advantages of RF microneedling and how it works to rejuvenate the skin. One of the several RF microneedling instruments used in our practice is the Virtue RF microneedling device.

What is Virtue RF?

Virtue RF Full Device

Virtue RF is one of the world’s first radiofrequency systems that can provide a wide range of solutions for the skin on the face and body. This particular device offers three unique handpieces that can be used to custom-tailor treatments for the face, neck, and body based on the patient’s skincare goals. With unmatched comfort, no social downtime, and immediate AND long-term results, patients find this aesthetic treatment using the Virtue RF microneedling device a reliable, safe, and effective way of addressing skin laxity and appearance.

The Virtue RF microneedle device is set apart from other treatments thanks to its many benefits

Virtue RF can:

  • Be performed in the office and is comfortable and well-tolerated by patients
  • Reduce skin laxity issues, including fine lines and wrinkles, with its collagen stimulation and skin tightening abilities
  • Provide excellent results after just one treatment
  • Eliminates social downtime, allowing even the busiest of patients to undergo scheduled treatments for the best results
  • Eliminates the need for plastic surgery when used on the body for skin tightening and rejuvenation
  • With the use of a robotic hand piece this Microneedling is less painful and more comfortable than other devices
  • The Virtue RF has over 30 different depths targeting all the tissue levels  
  • Sub-pulse technology makes the procedure more comfortable by not giving up radio frequency energy and maintaining results

Combining traditional microneedling treatments with radiofrequency energy, the Virtue RF can stimulate natural collagen production to firm and tighten the skin over several months. The undeniable results make this one of the most popular treatments at our practice today!

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Patient Receives A Microneedling Co2 Resurfacing Treatment And Describes Her Experience

We are doing a microneedling CO2 resurfacing.
This beautiful lady, say Hello.
Hello. How do you feel?
I feel very comfortable.
Okay. What made you feel comfortable?
The numbing cream.
Rubbing it on twice. Right.
Now this is not painful whatsoever.
Yeah. So here are our 36 gold needles. You can see how deep they are.
They penetrate the epidermis and go down in the dermis with heat.
We have it set on if you want to look here.
The RF time is the highest that we can go of eight milliseconds.
The depth is the highest we can go. The level’s a very good level.
We could go up on the level,
but you can tell that this is a good enough level for her to tolerate.
I make sure I do a 50 50 pass.
I do not rush through a procedure.
I make sure that you get your money’s worth with every little needle stick.
This is where we’re going to build collagen, elastin, help acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, improve tone, texture, help lift nasal labial folds, jowling.
I will go over her face three times and we vary the depth according to the area that we’re in. So we do the cheek, we’ll do the jawline, we’ll do around the mouth, the nose, around the eyes, forehead, all at different depths and all at different amounts of heating.
You can actually see that grip of skin right there.
What did you think after your first results, Mary?
My first results were pretty amazing, actually.
I noticed it probably about four days later after the sandpapery feeling went away. But no, I noticed the accordion lines in my cheeks weren’t as deep.

These right here.
Yep. They were not as deep and I felt they looked much younger.

Yeah. This is a really wonderful procedure.
Yay. Are you glad you did it?
Oh, absolutely.

And I would recommend anyone else to do it.
Yay. Thank you, Mary. Bye.

Before & After Treatment Images

Dr. Aleta Sloan, United Medical and Aesthetics

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