Embrace Youthful Radiance with Dermal Fillers!

As you age, collagen loss affects skin elasticity. Dermal fillers combat this, restoring volume and addressing various concerns. United Medical and Aesthetics in Wilmington, NC, offers expert care for your skin goals.

Beyond Wrinkle-Free: The Power of Fillers

Unlike Botox, dermal fillers plump and soften skin creases, restoring volume and reducing lines. Precision matters in their usage to target specific areas for natural-looking results.

Targeted Treatment Areas

At United Medical and Aesthetics, we treat multiple facial areas, including temples, cheeks, chin, and jawline. Our approach extends to the hands, neck, and chest, rejuvenating skin and revealing a defined bone structure.

Types of Fillers We Use

We use naturally occurring substances in the body for fillers: Hyaluronic acid-based ones lasting 6-12 months and Calcium hydroxylapatite-based fillers lasting up to 18 months, boosting collagen and improving skin quality.

Our Trusted Brands

Partnering with renowned brands like Galderma, Allergan, Revanesse, and Merz, we offer premium injectables like Restylane, Versa, and Radiesse for smooth, natural-looking results.

Procedure and Aftercare

Our minimally invasive procedures offer immediate results with minimal downtime. Expect your body to absorb fillers, necessitating periodic refreshes gradually. Post-treatment care instructions ensure a smooth recovery.

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