Expert Hacks For Preserving Your Vitamin C

Hacks for Vitamin C

Hack number one for your vitamin C. If it’s in a bottle, this is your hack. Cover it, the top of it, with some tinfoil.

This is going to keep it from oxidizing quicker because it’s gonna keep the air out of the bottle.

Stay tuned for two more tips on how to make your expensive vitamin C last as long as it should.

Day number two. Tip number two, or hack for vitamin C is keep it in the refrigerator. Why?

Because in your hot bathroom where the hot shower and curling iron is, it’s gonna heat this up and oxidize it. So not only do we cover it with tinfoil, like our tip yesterday said to keep the air out that causes oxidation, we also wanna keep it cool.

So if you have a little makeup refrigerator or you wanna put it next to, uh, the green goddess dressing, that always is helpful. No, I’m just kidding.

Keep it cool, dark and dry. Stay tuned for tip number three tomorrow.

Hack number three for your vitamin C. Store it in a dark place, that way it won’t hit the light, and it won’t oxidize, and you will preserve that expensive vitamin C.

A thorough walk-through of everything you need to know before your procedure!

A thorough walk-through of everything you need to know before your procedure!

Revanesse Lip Consult

That’s called a capillary refill. So, what you want to do is press on your top lip, and this is what you’ll do when you are at home if you have any questions of discomfort. So, you see how you press on it?

Mhmm and then it turns white.

It gets white, and then it pinks back up.


Above the lip as well, see that? And then also on your nose. See how it gets white?


One, one thousand, two, one thousand, three, one thousand, it pinks back up. One, one thousand, two, one thousand, it pinks back up. So, with any injection, you can get an arterial occlusion. I’ve already examined your lip, I’ve looked under to make sure other than your dry lips I’ve examined that you don’t have a superficial labial artery throbbing anywhere. Abnormal tracking of that, so that looks good. I’ll clean you with Chlorhexidine. A lot of people can get granular in their lips if they’re not cleaned properly and then what we’ll do is we slowly do small injections and constantly look atyou to make sure you like that.


And then we’ll see you on follow up just to make sure everything looks symmetrical. When we inject your lips, it is a farm body. A farm body is not going to make your lips happy for the first week or two, you’ll have some swelling. It’s a hyaluronic acid, so it does pull in water. But, you have to kind of live…don’t love or hate it for two weeks…


…and it will integrate into the tissue, but it might be a little more firm, it might be more swollen, one side maybe a little bit more swollen than the other, but over two to four weeks it’ll settle, and you’re going to love them.


Most patients come back and say I want more!


So, today when you leave, it is a farm body. Again, it will swell, and then it comes back down. Today we’re going to use Versa. This has the highest amount of hyaluronic acid in it, it’s very hydrating if you look at your lips, they are pretty dry.

Dry, yeah.

All fillers do help hydrate the lips, and some people just want it just to plump them up a little bit. For you, you’ve requested your upper lip match your lower lip, and your generation of millennials like a 50/50 lip so we’re going to try to accomplish that! So Revanesse Lips today, on this beauty! Thank you! (laughs)

Patients experience pain-free care with excellent results at United Medical and Aesthetics!

Patients experience pain-free care with excellent results at United Medical and Aesthetics!

Okay. So, what did you think?

It’s wonderful!

Thank you for waiting for me, by the way.

It’s okay! You’re awesome


My confidence level is at the roof because that scarring on the dark to me is just lightening up.

It is?

More and more.

Oh, because you know why?

…dark, and I love it.


I love it, and I’m just so happy, and I am excited!

Awesome! How many treatments?

One! Only one! And I’m super excited.

Good, good. So, from the first treatment to the second treatment what would you say was the biggest treatment, because remember I told you we generally see most of our results after the fourth treatment. What would you say was the… the difference between one and today? It’s only been a month.

It’s only been a month. Going into my second week, I started looking in the mirror, and I said that’s not as dark! This is not as dark; the hair is not as heavy…prominent.

Okay. Mhmm. And you know it’s funny because I see a lot of people with darker skin tones, whether they’re Asian, African American, tell me why did you…do you remember choosing this laser for a particular reason or…and was it for painful what did you think?

No pain and I wish I would’ve come down here sooner!


One of my co-workers we were talking about it, she came and said its pain-free and you know we just like – okay, no pain? I’m on it! And I am just so grateful!



Awesome! Well, thank you. So, we’re getting ready, we’re going to proceed with the Motus AY, and it’s pain-free…


…and can be used on all skin tones.


…and she had some…

Sharon didn’t feel a thing during her procedure – Now, that’s the gold standard of care.

Sharon didn’t feel a thing during her procedure – Now, that’s the gold standard of care.

He got in great. He injected my knee the other day, and I didn’t feel it. This is the part where it is getting red, it’s too…mhmm.

Yeah, we’re there. Sharon, I am done.

You’re kidding!

I’m done. Good job! Maybe one little…there we go.

Okay, this one was nothing.

Okay. So, we’re going to twist, and then we just go ahead and put a little gel because I don’t like to hurt the patient.

Especially me!

Because Sharon’s a sissy like me!

I know, I am!

Because she’s brave, and she tells me she’s brave. And then we do it just between this to engage the tip of the thread which is right there on her marionette fold, and then we just try to twist and engage it, and it’s clicking, and we’re pulling it.

Oh, I heard it!

Did you hear that?


How does that feel, Sharon?

It feels great I hardly even knew you did anything.

Seriously, look at that.

No, I am not kidding I didn’t even…it was like I didn’t…


Shed age lines off your face at United Medical and Aesthetics with PDO threads!

Shed age lines off your face at United Medical and Aesthetics with PDO threads!

… doing our second thread and we have just engaged it and gone all the way through, down to her marionette line. If you look, there’s the tip of the needle, and I can feel the needle, so I know I am in the right plane, and it’s not too superficial. So, we just twist that, and there is her second thread. Now, I’ll go ahead and do the last thread on her marionette line, and we go in at about 45 degrees, and we’re in, and we just slide it right down! And it is actually…almost there, Sharon, you did great…and I didn’t even numb her up on this side, I just numbed her up right where the palatal is onto the tip of her marionette line, and that’s it! Those are 3 threads, and what I do now is just gently massage those up and help them engage, and I can feel them clicking, and this is the fun part…let’s wipe these off…and the fun part is being able to actually show the client how much lifting…that’s the last one we did on her marionette…you can actually see how much lift we’re getting and I’m engaging the thread one at a time, and this is the part I think is the most uncomfortable.


 You see how that gauze caught on there? That is how it catches on the skin, and I will probably end up doing it again. The second thread you can see is at a lower part of her marionette line. I think that’s an amazing testament to truly what these…


 …can provide for clients who don’t want a facelift. See how that grips that? It grips it very…my gauze…very frequently, and then the last one is at the upper part.

 Wow, that one really did click!

 That’s the bottom, lower, say hello!


 And then the top look at that top one, and then…oh, there it caught my gauze again! So, we know that those really do clip onto that tissue, and then what we do next is we lift up each one, you can see it pull, that way it will go underneath the skin…and then do this one, and that took all of 5 minutes! A little alcohol and I will work that out, and look at that! We clean it, and then we place a little band-aid on it, and what we’ll tell her to do is not to eat an apple or open her mouth very wide, we don’t want these threads to pop. She will have to sleep on her back because I don’t want her pressing on these with her head elevated because she will have bruising and swelling. These threads went in extremely easy, and look at that amount lift already when we compare it. We will show some before and afters…but let’s get you to sit up, Sharon, and look into the little camera. Photo bomb! And you can see the lift here that we’ve given her, she’s had two threads placed before, and we’ve been slowly working on building collagen, giving her a chin and a more defined jawline, which she did not have before, but we will do the before and afters. So, we’ve definitely gotten some lift through here, definitely on her nasal labial folds, and we’ll show you…how do you think it was?

 I can feel it, it’s tight!

 It’s tight?


 Yep, so, tonight we’ll go ahead and ice, Tylenol if needed for pain, the only complications that…with these generally could be infection, which is very rare in the face because it has good blood supply. Sometimes these threads can hit nerves, it’s very rare. Usually, they’ll have a lot more pain when you place the thread because you know you’re lying on a nerve, but that’s all…if you did lie on top of a nerve, that dissipates over time, but she clearly just had discomfort from me popping through the subcutaneous tissue. She has no rippling in her skin, these PDO threads will cause a firm body reaction and cause new collagenases underneath her skin and help her build her own collagen in lifting these areas. What I like to do for Sharon is do some smooth threads across here, which will also give her some volume, I might do that today real quick and some across her chin and nasal labial folds. Thank you. Have a good day. Alright.